Modding Electrodragon SPDT double relay board

Some information about Electrodragon SPDT double relay board that is not on the wiki pages

Flashing the board

To be able to flash the board, the serial bitrate should be 9600, 57600 or 115200 baud. btn2 should be push on reset till beginning of flash (blue LED blink on the other side) after it could be released (keep it pushed till the end of flash if trouble).

Access to GPIOs


On the main pin header, IO4 and IO5 are inverted thus IO4 is GPIO5 of ESP-12F ans IO5 is GPIO4.

As written in the wiki, by default, IO4 and IO5 are pulled-up with external resistor (4,7k) to be used for I2C. In order to use them for an other function, cut the trace between closed pin near the main pin header.


The DHT pin on the main pin header and the connector near the first relay is connected to GPIO14. This GPIO can be used as a normal input by cutting the trace of the pull-up resistor between the first pin and 10k resistor (on the pin header near the first relay).

Terminal head

Terminal heads for relays connection are smaller than for power connection and are not suitable for 0,75 or 1,5 mm² cables.